Simplified payments
for all.

We are building a full ecosystem of essential infrastructure for companies in the digital economy.

“Just as an orchestra has many different instruments playing together in harmony to create beautiful music, we are bringing together multiple payment methods and providers to create a seamless and unified payment experience for customers, resulting in a harmonious payment infrastructure for everyone."

Carlos Del Valle
Co-founder & CEO

The values that drive everything we do


Be bold.

Despite the possibilities and risks, we can achieve audacious goals. We dare to undertake disruptive actions without fear of difficulty.


Be passionately curious.

As Albert Einstein said, "I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious." In Tonder we believe that curiosity is the engine of achivement.


Embrace Creativity.

We rethink what's possible. We think in fundamentals; not by the dogma. We retain our child-like sense of wonder.


Exceed our customers' expectations.

We seek to provide a customer with more help and support than they are waiting for. We act with respect, honesty and transparency.


Aim for the moon.

We set aggressive goals, we seek to grow quickly keeping focus on our performance.


Take ownership.

We empower our team by taking ownership and giving freedom on their way of working. We avoid micromanaging and believe in a culture of OKRs.

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